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The respository for the TEAMS/GREET Module developed at the Rochester Institute of Technology for tracking life cycle emissions in the marine sector.

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Downloading TEAMS

In order to run the TEAMS application from within GREET, download and extract the following .zip folder:

In order to install the application, you must copy the two DLL files to GREET's application folder.


  1. Downloading and Installing the TEAMS Plugin for GREET
  2. An Overview of the TEAMS-Module Github Repository
  3. Inputting Custom Ship into TEAMS
  4. Modifying Existing Processes in GREET
  5. Creating New Processes and Pathways Within GREET

More tutorials will be coming soon.

Welcome to TEAMS-Module

The Total Energy & Emissions Analysis for Maritime Systems Model, TEAMS, was originally a spreadsheet model developed collaboratively by researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Delaware. TEAMS expands on the functionality of GREET by allowing for the total fuel cycle analysis associated with maritime vessels. With this new TEAMS-Module, we allow for a more seamless integration of TEAMS into the new GREET API framework. The TEAMS Module runs within GREET 2013, and uses GREET’s fuel pathways as part of its calculations.

Authors and Contributors

The TEAMS plugin brings the original spreadsheet layout of TEAMS into GREET with an easy to use interface. The plugin was developed by Rob Clifford (@Grub0) and Shayde Nofziger (@ShaydeNofziger). The project was headed by Dr. James Winebrake at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Support or Contact

More information on the TEAMS project can be obtained by contacting Dr. James Winebrake ( More information on the GREET model is available here.